People Still Work with the Flu, Even If It Hurts Productivity

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Although Ebola is on everyone’s mind these days, health care professionals contend a more immediate and likely concern is the onset of the flu season.

Staple’s Annual Flu Survey says that coming to work sick with the flu is more harmful to job productivity than a security breach, a product issue or even a natural disaster.

Yet, in spite of all the recommendations that people should stay home when they have the flu, six in ten still trudge into work anyway.

The survey revealed that 40 percent come to the office because their workloads are so demanding while about a third say their boss appreciates the fact that they put their job ahead of their health.

However, there are signs that attitudes are changing, albeit, somewhat slowly. The number of those who will work with the flu is actually lower than it’s been in five years. About one in four explain that productivity does go down when workers are sick and just over a third say that their personal productivity when they feel ill is about half of what it normally is.

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