The Way You Walk Can Affect Your Mood

iStock/Thinkstock(KINGSTON, Ontario) — The way you feel can alter the way you walk. There’s no huge revelation there. However, a new study out of Queen’s University in Ontario suggests that the opposite is true as well, that is, a certain style of walking can also affect one’s mood.

After showing participants a list of positive and negative words, researchers had them walk on a treadmill and manipulated the participants in such a way that they either walked with a bit of a bounce or with shoulders slumped over.

Later, the subjects were told to write down as many words from a list as they could remember.  Invariably, those who walked in a depressed manner compiled mainly negative words, which the researchers took to mean that walking like a sad sack could actually bring down a person’s mood.

Study co-author Nikolaus Troje says that’s an indicator of the vicious cycle clinically depressed people often find themselves in, that is, they usually conjure up more bad memories than good ones and consequently that makes them feel even worse.

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