Judge Denies Request from Defense Team for James Holmes

Photo by Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images(AURORA, Colo.) — A district court judge on Friday denied a request by the defense lawyers for James Holmes, the movie theater shooter, requesting an extension to the Oct. 29 deadline to file motions related to his second Court-ordered sanity examination.

The defense argued that it had not received the report from Dr. William Reid until Oct. 15, just two weeks before the deadline. “There are simply not enough hours in the day…to not only watch, but mentally process and digest 22 hours of forensic interviews of their client…flesh out all of the legal issues involved, and draft all of the motions that will need to be drafted concerning Dr. Reid’s report by October 29,” the defense argued in a complaint.

Judge Carlos A. Samour, Jr. disagreed, saying in his denial of the request that “there are 336 hours in a two-week period. Considering the manpower and the extensive resources available to defense counsel, and considering further how much notice the defense and its experts have enjoyed regarding the deadline at issue, two weeks are sufficient to file any appropriate motions.”

The judge did give one exception for motions “strictly related to the discoverable documentation from Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo underlying the second sanity examination.” For such motions, the new deadline will be Nov. 20.

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