Common Ground with John Tassoni


Common Ground Talk Radio – Mondays from 4-5 p.m. on AM Talk Radio 790.

The workforce and workplace are forever evolving, as are the needs of workers in today’s non-tradition work environments.

Common Ground Radio provides relevant information to the working families of Rhode Island with interactive discussions of business issues and union news.

Now more than ever, workers need the collective voice and union bargaining power to ensure a better working environment. Building power in unions means fairness for all working people and creates standards for a stronger working class across America.

Common Ground Radio is hosted by former Senator, business leader, and union mediator, John Tassoni, Jr.  Sen. Tassoni who would like to hear your views or answer your questions. Call him on-air during the show at (401) 437-5000, or any other time at (401) 451-1305.